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Operation Systems

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Operation Systems

The available operating system (OS) have various levels of security and privacy, which can affect the usability and the potential for data breaches. Regardless of the chosen OS, it must be currently supported or this will drastically increase the possibility of data and credential loss.

The first point for security of data, is to not run a system with an unsupported OS or applications. you should be aware that cyber attacks are constantly upgrading and new software vulnerabilities are being found, which is why it is better to always keep your complete system updated with the latest security updates. Of course new vulnerabilities could be installed, however, at least you have a little time before they are discovered and may be fixes are created prior to discovery.

The main OS software available comes in 3 distinct variants, Windows, MacOS and a variety of Linux systems. Windows has and still is the most vulnerable OS, due to the fact that it has the largest number of users which makes it the most worthwhile for cyber attackers to focus on. It doesn't mean that MacOS is more superior at preventing cyber attacks, As the increased market share of MacOS users has been increasing at a substantial rate, there has been a substantial increase in attacks. Also due to the growth in the cyber crime which has turned into a billion dollar industry, some are focusing more on apple products as the windows sector is becoming satuated. So Linux systems can provide a better level of security at the moment, due to its configurability and reduced market share, and with current GUI interfaces offers much better usability than in the past.

There are many OS systems around built for specific tasks in some cases, detailed here are only a couple of specific ones. If your serious about security and privacy Qubes OS is one if not the best, being an Open Source Software and free it provides secure compartmentalization with the ability to run various OS systems within it. Obviously the more secure a system is then the usability can suffer, but if security and privacy is your top priority the usability is not a problem. Zorin OS is an Open Source Linux system based on Ubuntu and is an OS designed for users new to Linux based systems. It even has the ability to run most windows applications via the Wine compatibility layer, and this list is growing. This provides a good level of security and privacy with good usability, being easy to use if you are coming from a windows background. I believe at the moment these provide a good alternative to the standard closed source systems of MacOS and Windows.

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