Protect Your Identity and Data

WIFI and Network

The design and setup of your network is the first area to managing your risk of exposure to the outside world, it is essential in providing a secure environment for sensitive data.

Operation Systems

Running any unsupported software dramatically increases the risk to your digital environment. Therefore installing the correct OS for your required level of security and usability is very important.

Whilst monitoring and keeping the system updated is necessary to manage your risk appetite.

Application Software

Continually monitoring and accessing the vulnerablities exposed by your applications running on your system, is a major way to minimise your attack surface.

Penetration Testing

Protecting your online digital footprint requires not only internal monitoring and vulnerability processing, but having an attackers view of your exposed connections is an excellant way to analyse the risk to your organisation.

Custom Routers

Routers with open software installed, provide a higher level of security and more available options that allow a more tailored configuration to be achieved.

Digital Forensics

Certification completed for the procedures and tools required to be able digitally examine computers.