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Customised Routers


Cybecure has a strong belief in Open Systems software to provide a better more secure digital platform.

But also believes in helping to secure existing systems using Windows and Mac OS.


Do you need a customised router ? What will you gain by having one ?

If your current router does everything you need, so you have good coverage, good speed, and is securely configured. Then it may not be necessary, but will mean you are reliant on your ISP notifying you or automatically updating the firmware, and you are tied to that ISP.

So how would it benefit you ?

  • Some consumer routers can provide better coverage than the standard ISP router.
  • More options can be available, VPN configuration and mulitiple bands 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ.
  • Multiple radios provide a performance boost.
  • Configuring the firewall is made simpler.
  • Improved quality of service.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Provides multiple networks, one secure and one untrusted.
  • Easier parental control
  • Control over the updates.
  • Not ISP specific.

Therefore this option would mean a consumer router appropriate to your needs, would be flashed with custom firmware and configured to your requirements. OpenVPN could be configured, which s an Open Source commercial software that implements Virtual Private Network techniques to create secure point to point or site to site connections. Multiple networks could be created to the specific requirements, providing a more secure internet connection and WIFI network for your personal data.

Cybecure e.U

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Why Cybecure

Cyberattacks on IoT increased 300% in 2019, due in large part to rapid adoption of IoT in combination with aging firmware and IT architectures. Many of these are unprecedented attacks and include seemingly impenetrable systems, including Apple’s iOS.

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