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OS Configure/Install


Cybecure has a strong belief in Open Systems software to provide a good secure digital platform for data security and privacy.

However, for other companies this may not be possible, so a constant accessment and mitigation for vulnerabilities is essential for Windows and MacOS.


There are 2 approaches that can be applied to your systems, to determine which approach is best an understanding of how your system and applications are used is required. One of which uses Open Source Software, a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license and the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distrubute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Therefore because it is viewed by many more people the procedure provides a high level of scrutiny, providing a higher level of security, quality, flexibility, auditability, support, privacy and at a very low cost. A lot of the software is free but does rely on donations to keep the process flowing.

The first approach is for home users or small businesses that only use their computer system for standard operations, to access online data and accounts, plus normal document and image processing. Also if you have older equipment andZorin OS don't have a specific need to upgrade the hardware, then installing one of these OS systems with a smaller footprint can provide more speed from the existing hardware. Such an operating system is Zorin OS which is based upon the Ubuntu linux computer software, this is Open Source Software providing a speed gain, more security, better privacy control and more power. It can be configured to resemble Windows or MacOS, with 2 applications Wine and PlayOnLinux, that allow windows applications to be run allowing for an easy transition. Not every Windows application can be run, but the list is continually growing. As part of this approach you would then also use a new email client application, word processing software and other applications, that can provide a better level of security and privacy but with the same functionality. For the more technically minded individuals moving to a full graphical installation of Ubuntu could be an option.

The 2nd approach is the more standard for companies who need to run Windows/MacOS, and is where there is a requirement to constantly monitor and analyse your vulnerabilities within the existing OS and applications installed. Deciding upon the level of risk your organisation can accept, will determine how the vulnerablilities are dealt with. If it is not a supported OS then it is highly recommended to upgrade it, if it cannot be upgraded then this system should be isolated from the main network. Following this there is the option to install Open Source applications instead of the existing ones, and then finally reviewing the configuration of the OS to maximise the security and privacy level required. However, privacy on a closed system (Windows or MacOS) is a little unknown as you don't really know what they are doing underneath regarding tracking and the use of your data. This is one reason why more and more people are moving to Open Source Software, and includes Companies as well.

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Cyberattacks on IoT increased 300% in 2019, due in large part to rapid adoption of IoT in combination with aging firmware and IT architectures. Many of these are unprecedented attacks and include seemingly impenetrable systems, including Apple’s iOS.

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