Operations Security

OPSEC 5 Steps :- Identify critical information, analysis of threats, analysis of vulnerbilities, risk assessment and countermeasures, application.


Using the correct software with its best configuration, and kept up to date with the latest releases will help to limit the risk and mitigate data breaches.


Creating multiple layers of protection will require constant review and updating, and when a breach is discovered dealt with ASAP.

Helping You To Protect Your Data And Your Identity

WIFI Configuration

Analysis of current setup and optionally installing a customised router. Providing more security and options, with a secure network and an untrusted network.


Reviewing the current configuration of the firewall and the anitvirus software, to limit the exposure of your personal data and mitigate the available access points to your network.

Operating System

Checking the current OS, and either config it to be more secure or elvaluate whether a replacement would provide better for low maintenance, higher security and more usability.


Reviewing the current software and email clients, verifying they are all up to date and configured to provide the maximum protection for your personal data and identity against any malicious attacks.